About Hypopressives Canada

A full-body approach to Core and Pelvic Health

Our mission is to change how we approach core restoration and fitness in North America and spread the word about the benefits of Hypopressive® Exercise to both women and men. Our focus is to help guide you towards becoming a certified trainer or help you find a trainer in your area.


The HYPOPRESSIVE® method combines a unique breathing technique with varying poses. Initially developed as a non-surgical treatment for women with pelvic floor health issues, the HYPOPRESSIVE technique has evolved and broadened into a complete Core training system that benefits men and women of all ages and lifestyles.

Founded by Trista Zinn, Hypopressives® Canada provides information, education and training on the Hypopressive® method. Hypopressives® Canada is recognized by the International Hypopressives Council as a leading expert that has been teaching courses since 2013.

Meet Trista Zinn

Trista Zinn, Hypopressives Canada

Trista Zinn, is a personal trainer based in Toronto who specializes in pelvic floor health and core re-programming. She is Canada’s highest qualified and most experienced Trainer in the HYPOPRESSIVE® technique — the only one with Master Level Status — and is a Certified Course Instructor for Hypopressive® Training. She is also its biggest advocate.

After being diagnosed with Stage 2 prolapse, from which Trista was told there was little non-surgical chance of recovery, she became determined to find a non-invasive and less traditional treatment. This led her to HYPOPRESSIVE® exercise.

She sought out the world’s only English-speaking certifying instructor at the time, in Spain, where she was privately trained and received her Level 1 qualification in the HYPOPRESSIVE® Method. She was so impressed with this revolutionary approach to training and her own success in having eliminated any trace of her prolapse, that it sparked a series of travel destinations across Spain. Trista gradually advanced her qualifications from Advanced Level (Level 2) trainer, Expert Level (Level 3) to a Master trainer that includes the Wall series. With continued education she became Canada's only course Instructor in the HYPOPRESSIVE® Method. Trista is also a Qualified Oxygen Advantage Trainer.

Learn More About Trista's Personal Story

Read the post or watch the video.

Expand your practice with Hypopressive training

Like any exercise program, it is far more effective to work with someone who has been properly trained and can help to motivate you towards your goals safely.

Health professionals and personal trainers who want to offer their clients an effective, low-pressure means for training and restoring the core and pelvic floor can take one of our courses.

We offer three 15-hour courses to those qualified as professionals in the following fields:  Physiotherapy, Personal Training, Chiropractic, Pilates, Yoga, Doula, Midwife, sports and conditioning coaches, Gyrotonics trainers, Osteopaths, RMTs.

What We Do


Get a taste of Hypopressive training. An intro to pique your curiosity and leave you wanting more.

Certification Series

Three 15-hour courses for Health and Fitness professionals who want to further their training in core restoration and pelvic floor health.


Get personal one-on-one attention from Canada's highest qualified trainer in Hypopressives to enhance your practice.

Find a Trainer

Working with a qualified trainer is your key to success! Trainers listed expand beyond Canada. Find a n instructor near you.