Founded by Trista Zinn, Hypopressives® Canada provides information, education and training for Hypopressive® techniques to both the general public, and to fitness & health professionals.  Originally trained to Expert Level and became an International course Instructor in 2013 through Marcel Caufriez’s Metodo Hipopresivos.  Hypopressives® Canada has been teaching courses  since 2014 as a recognized English speaking expert by the International Hypopressives® Institute of Physical Therapy from Spain since 2014.

Trista Zinn, is a personal trainer based out of Toronto who specializes in pelvic floor health and core re-programming. She is Canada’s highest qualified and most experienced Trainer in HYPOPRESSIVE® exercise – the only one with Master Level Status and is a Certified International Course Instructor for Hypopressive® Training. She is also its biggest advocate. After being diagnosed with Stage 2 prolapse, from which Trista was told there was little non-surgical chance of recovery, she became determined to find a non-invasive and less traditional treatment. This led her to HYPOPRESSIVE® exercise. She sought out the world’s only English-speaking certifying instructor at the time, in Spain, where she was privately trained and received her Level 1 Certification in the HYPOPRESSIVE® Method. She was so impressed with this revolutionary approach to training and her own success in having eliminated any trace of her prolapse, she went to the UK to earn her Advanced Level (Level 2) Certification and thereafter returned to Spain twice more to earn the Expert Level (Level 3) as well as become a Master Level (Level 4) the Wall series and is International Instructor in HYPOPRESSIVE Training.

Read her detailed personal story or view the abbreviated version on youtube video.

Her focus is to spread the word about the benefits of Hypopressive® Exercise to both women and men across the country. This is one of the reasons she has created this Hypopressives® Canada website; a resource where the general public can find a certified Hypopressive® Training instructor or workshops in their area, read success stories from those using the technique for personal or professional applications in their field, or learn more about the concepts behind this revolutionary approach to core training.

Fitness and Health professionals are also able to research upcoming certification courses across Canada.

In the Press

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Treating Pelvic Floor Disfunction Naturally - Dr. Marla and Friends, CTV, April 8, 2013

The Truth About Pelvic Prolapse - Today's Parent Magazine

Core Training Revolution - CPTN Fall 2015 Report

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