Hypopressive ® Workshops

HYPOPRESSIVE® workshops are ideal for those who would like to learn the basic concepts behind HYPOPRESSIVE – Low Pressure Training, and obtain enough practical experience to perform some rudimentary practice of the technique at home.

These intensive, two-hour workshops are geared towards the general public and are considered an introduction to this revolutionary exercise method.  Expect to leave with an elemental understanding of HYPOPRESSIVES, its benefits, and the ability to perform 4 of the 10 Level 1 poses along with instruction and practice on how to best target and execute the breath required for HYPOPRESSIVES™.

This workshop is presented by Trista Zinn, Director or HYPOPRESSIVES Canada, and IHIPT recognized International Course Instructor for HYPOPRESSIVES™ – Low Pressure Fitness.

NOTE:  Although we do welcome fitness and health professionals who would like to learn more about this exercise method before committing to a certification course, understand that this is a basic informational session only and, of course, will not provide enough information for training qualification in HYPOPRESSIVES™.

Workshop Format

30-45 minutes of basic theory on how the Hypopressive technique trains core function and restores alignment.  I will touch on the potential risks of other types of core training.

75-90 minutes introduction to the breathing technique, 4 basic Hypopressive poses and the best way to begin some at home practice.  Before seeking a qualified instructor.


hypopressives, low pressure fitness, core training, pelvic floor health

Benefits of taking the Intensive HYPOPRESSIVE™ Workshop

Along with the theory and practical experience, you will receive a handout with instructions and photos of the exercises that will help you with your practice of HYPOPRESSIVES™ at home and allow you to begin experiencing its benefits!

Contraindications to HYPOPRESSIVE™ – Low Pressure Fitness

  • Anyone can perform Hypopressives, however there are some modifications that can be made for those who are pregnant, have Crohn’s disease,  have been organ donors or have high blood pressure
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Upcoming Workshops

Jan 19/2018
One Agora Integrated Health
9220 James Ave South
Bloomington, Minnesota
USA 55431

cost: 75.00

Time: 6:00-8:00pm

To register please contact Teisa Earhart at Teisa@oneagorahealth.com




For more information or to register, contact Trista Zinn.

Don’t see a workshop in your area? We are always trying to spread the word about HYPOPRESSIVES™, and offer workshops for both the general public and for private groups.  Please contact HYPOPRESSIVES™ Canada about scheduling one in your neighborhood.