In the Media


“Breath and Pelvic Health
with Trista Zinn”
The Connected Yoga Teacher

June 2016
“Trista Zinn, Course Instructor & Master Level Trainer for Hypopressive Exercise”
Strive for Healing

Trista Zinn on To Birth & Beyond

July 17, 2018
"Episode 23: Hypopressives 101 with Trista Zinn"
To Birth & Beyond


“I Finally Have My Life Back”

April 2018
“Be Aware of Pelvic Organ Prolapse"
Canadian Living

“Hyper for Hypos”

January 2017
“The Power of Low Pressure Fitness”
Fit After 45

“The Scary Condition that Could Happen After Childbirth”
Best Health

January 2016
“The Truth About Pelvic Prolapse”
Today’s Parent

Fall 2015
“Core Training rEvolutin”
Trainers Network

June 2015
“In Depth with Trista Zinn – Hypopressive Director of Canada
Canadian Professional”

April 2015
“8 Ways to Give Your Pelvic Floor Some Love”
Today’s Parent

Summer 2013
“Pelvic Floor, the Forgotten Muscles”
Running Room Magazine

June 2012
“Pelvic Floor Disorders: Doctor designs Pfilates, exercises for pelvic floor muscles”
Toronto Star


August 2022
Wild & Wise Women over 50

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May 2017
FemFusion Fitness

August 2016

March 26, 2014
CHCH News Health Segment

Dr Marla and Friends

April 2013
Dr. Marla & Friends

March 2012
Marilyn Denis Show

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