Level up your Hypopressive training!

Advance your Hypopressive training
with guided personal attention

You don't have to do this alone.

I know what it's like to attend a course that introduces a completely unique and foreign concept. Training a client in something you have never used or is new in your practice can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. A course manual or video can help, but it's just not enough.

Let me help you ease into this new transition.

Hypopressives Canada, pelvic floor health, core training

Reach your personal and professional goals.

Let me help you enrich your personal practice in a  private session. Visit me in Toronto for the in-person experience or meet virtually from the convenience of your own space.

Enhance your professional practice outside the course setting. Bring me into your clinic, studio, online session virtually or visit Toronto and shadow me with a client to add value to your own training.

Meet Trista Zinn

Trista Zinn is a personal trainer based in Toronto who specializes in core restoration and pelvic  health. She is Canada’s highest-qualified and most experienced trainer in the HYPOPRESSIVE® technique — the only one with Master Level Status — and is Canada’s Certified Hypopressive Method Course Instructor. She is also its biggest advocate.

Trista Zinn, Hypopressives Canada

Hypopressive trainers, your clients deserve maximum results.

Our clients/patients aren't made from the same mold., Everyone deserves personal attention and detailed instructions as they navigate their own journey towards a functional core and pelvic floor.

As a qualified Hypopressive trainer, you may be looking to refine the in-person approach or you recognize the time has come to start guiding your clients/patients virtually.

Online training offers a new set of challenges that can seem daunting. Feeling confused and unsure about successfully capturing and cueing the intricacies of Hypopressive training online?

Get results

Enhance your personal practice

Fine tune your personal practice

1 hour session - $130.00
½ hour follow up - $90.00

Package Deal (1 + 5 sessions) - $530.00

Learn how to guide your online Hypopressive clients

Observe or be observed virtually during your client's online or in-person session

1 hour session - $160.00
½ hour follow up - $90.00

Hypopressive Group Classes

Fine tune your practice in a group setting

4 group classes - $100.00
6 group classes - $150.00
8 group classes - $200.00