A few months ago, a friend sent me this article out of the blue about Trista at Coresetfitness!https://www.besthealthmag.ca/best-you/health/do-you-have-pelvic-organ-prolapse/ Seemed odd at the time but shortly thereafter I experienced a bulge from my vagina that I realized was a prolapse. Immediately I reached out to Trista https://coresetfitness.com who advised me by email that I needed a diagnosis in order to determine a treatment plan with her. She referred me to Chana at Vital Physio Therapy http://vitalphysiotherapy.com in Toronto as I was due to visit there in a few months. Chana was going to be out on maternity leave so she referred me to Sara Buckham. I booked with both Sara and Trista for the first day I was in Toronto! Upon arrival in Toronto, I immediately visited with Sara who put me on a 6 week program of exercises to do at home and diagnosed me with a Stage 2 almost Stage 3 bladder prolapse. Weekly visits with her were already in place prior to my Initial Visit as appointments are difficult to get so I booked well in advance. The next day, with my diagnosis, I had my Initial Visit with Trista and began treatment for Hypopressive training. Appointments for an Initial and weekly one hour follow up visits with Trista had already been put in place as well. She started to teach me a program that I would take home with me. After a six week regime with Trista, I returned to Sara for my final diagnosis before returning home. My diagnosis had changed to an almost Stage 1 improving from an almost Stage 3 prolapse. Stage 1 is asymptomatic and the goal for my pelvic health. My program at home at this time takes a little over half an hour every day to continue to strengthen my pelvic floor with a Hypopressive breathing and exercise routine from Trista and an exercise routine from Sara with increasing difficulty to work on over time. Between both Sara and Trista, my life has become my own again. I am still very conscious of my every day life and how it affects my pelvic floor health but have the skills now necessary to relieve any symptoms from my daily living. PLEASE if you have any indication of a prolapse, seek out Trista and Sara right away and be healed now! There is no reason to live with this condition! You can heal yourself with their guidance without the need for a pessary or surgery! Even at 64 years old!

Fourteen years ago, I had a burst compression fracture to my L1 vertebra with 70 percent compression on my spinal cord. I have since struggled with posture and stability as I have permanent nerve damage to parts of my leg muscles and pelvic floor as well as neurological issues with my bladder.In the last 5 years, I carried two beautiful babies, one born by c-section and the second baby was a v-back delivery assisted with forceps and vacuum. Both deliveries weakened by pelvic floor, core muscles and left me with typical incontinence issues seen by many mom’s after delivery. Over the years, I routinely did resistance training and Pilates with occasional yoga but found I was not able to get to a pain-free more stable posture. I seemed to be missing a link in my training. My physiotherapist introduced me to the Hypopressive Technique in March 2014 and I have never looked back. Within two weeks, I noticed:

• less tension on the left side of neck
• greater flexion in the right ankle (no longer taping) and was able to come down the stairs in the morning without side stepping
• improved movement in left scapula
• better posture
• able to place more of my weight on the front part of my foot - better balance (an issue since my back injury) which has allowed me to pressure on the triangle of my feet, not just weight on my heels
• the arch in my right foot was dropping (I have VERY high arches and claw my toes when I walk quickly usually)
• quadricep muscles are looser and easier to stretch, less knee pain on right side

With the spinal cord injury affecting my bladder along with delivering two children – my incontinence issues were already improving after only two weeks of hypopressive exercises. As I continued with the hypopressives, I became more interested in tracking and testing my changes a little more formality. Through my physiotherapist, I was able to access rehabilitative ultrasound imaging (RUSI) to see what my core muscles were really doing as well I set up resistance training testing with my personal trainer to see if hypopressives had an impact on my weight training performance.

After 5 weeks of only hypopressives, there was a big difference in how efficient my TA contracts according to the RUSI and the RUSI showed better resting tone in my internal and external obliques. I was previously holding to much tension in my internal and external obliques as a way to support myself. When I returned to my personal trainer after 5.5 weeks of only hypopressive training, my trainer and I were stunned with the results as I think we both thought I would regress a bit strength wise. I did not do much for exercise other than a lot of walking and regular daily activities with the kids during the 5.5 weeks. See results in the table above. Although not measured formally, I definitely have better range of movement in my exercises and my mobility had improved considerably over the 5.5 weeks of only hypopressive training.I have feel in love with hypopressive exercises and feel they were the missing link in my training to achieve core stability and posture improvements as well as providing me with a supportive pelvic floor making my incontinence issues way better. I am very thankful to be introduced to this training style and am excited to share it with others as I am now certified to train Hypopressives as well.

Jodi Bakke

Working with Mary Egan using the hypopressive technique has been a wonderful experience. After having completed the initial segment of the hypopressive reset I felt a noticeable improvement in my posture. My lower back was much improved in strength and stability although I still had to be careful. My shoulders surprisingly were also improved, I had lingering shoulder pain from an old injury and these exercises seem to have fixed that.

I procrastinated over continuing to the every day section of the exercises as I already felt so much better I didn't really think there was much point... but Mary convinced me that there was. After I completed the intensive segment I felt really good. My lower back hasn't given me any grief at all (even when I shoveled snow!), the minor prolapse that I had seems to have improved immensely - to the point that I don't know that it is there anymore, it certainly isn't something I think about. My core feels strong and healthy, which it hasn't for a long time.

These are exercises I intend to use for the rest of my life, and I strongly believe that everyone should learn them!


I cannot remember when I was first introduced to the hypopressive technique, was it more than a year ago already? When Janet described it to me, I knew it made perfect sense and was very eager to start. I am 60 and have had 2 children. Mild bladder control had been a problem for many years. I trained with Janet for a few months and have been doing it in my own from 3 to 4 times a week for quite a while now. I did not expect immediate results. Any rewiring and connecting of these illusive muscles will take time and rehabilitation is a long process. Old habits die hard as they say , therefore on some days I feel more "connected" than others. I keep doing the exercises because, aside from helping with bladder control, it helps me feel more grounded and seems to have an overall relaxing effect. I feel both calm and energized after my morning routine. It has helped me in my yoga practice and made me more aware of the importance of the muscles in the pelvic area. I have learned to relax some muscles while engaging others that end up being more efficient for good posture.Also, on a purely cosmetic level, I have always had a flat stomach but I have noticed that my waist has elongated and is more defined.My morning routine always starts off with the Hypopressive exercises.

What I love about the Hypos is they provide me a smooth transition into the conciseness of the day. I find the routine rewarding in terms of a structured yet meditative, therapeutic  feeling, not unlike Yoga only without the time commitment. I always have a feeling of accomplishment after I've completed them and I find myself in a better space.

I would highly recommend Hypopressive exercises to anyone who seeks an alternative to the guilt based repetitive exercise programs we have been subjected to over the years and if you decide to take the plunge ....  you just may find that better space.

Howard Pruden

I had a hysterectomy a number of years ago and no one talked with me about the changes in my body that came with that surgery.When I was working out at the gym I felt like the bottom of my body was falling out. Mostly because it was!!I read an article in the Running Room magazine that featured Trista and the HYPOPRESSIVE techniques. It sounded like just what I needed.I found a pelvic floor Physio and had a few sessions with her.

Then I met Trista which has basically changed my life. Seriously.I now run and lift weights comfortably. Intercourse is no longer painful.I faithfully do my hypopressive routine and am grateful that I found two professional, highly skilled people to make this kind of a difference in my life.

Thanks so much for everything you have done for me.

Warm regards,


After having surgery to repair my prolapse, I was still experiencing some issues with incontinence. I was then told that I would likely need surgery again in the a few years.  So I set out to find an alternative solution for myself. I heard about the HYPOPRESSIVE training and was referred to Trista. Since I started doing  HYPOPRESSIVE exercise in December 2012, any problems with incontinence have diminished greatly and any discomfort I was feeling in my pelvic area has completely disappeared. As a bonus I have lost inches off my waist line. Trista’s great ability to teach and motivate has been a huge part my success!


I want to talk about HYPOPRESSIVE exercise. I will not go into detail about my personal health situation just know that I am an otherwise healthy woman of a certain age .When I became aware that something was not right with me I first spoke to my trainer about it and she suggested I see a physiotherapist specializing in pelvic floor therapy .I did this and am still working on doing Kegel exercises correctly. One true thing…..good people know other good people and I am lucky to have a trainer that is always continuing her own education and passing on new information to her clients.

Next she referred me to Trista Zinn . Trista has devoted her practice to teaching the HYPOPRESSIVE technique to other trainers and physiotherapists and clients like me.

Having a problem with pelvic floor muscles can happen at any time in life and can be caused by any number of different things .The point is that you may not have a symptom until much later in life and I don't think I am alone when I say that I have no memory of anyone….Doctors included ,who spoke of the chance that prolapse of pelvic organs can happen .

Pelvic floor weakness can be troublesome and leaves a woman feeling depressed and that there is nothing to be done . The doctors send you on to specialists who order a battery of tests and confirm that you have this problem and come back in three months . My specialist did prescribe topical estrogen for me and I believe I probably should have had it a long time ago.It has been very helpful .

But really learning from Trista has been most beneficial.Learning the positions and practicing between sessions allows me to feel I am regaining control of my body again and have regained a sense of ‘normal’ I leave every session feeling better and stronger because of her charming encouragement.I may even be able to avoid a surgery. So that is good!

These exercises are not difficult and can be done at any age .I expect to do them long into my old age years.I hope that in the future that all young women learn this technique to enhance the value of the Kegel exercises.In time I would think that Hyporessives will be a part of every physical training session and workout.

In the future my plan is to continue with the exercises and have a class or session with Trista so that she can check my form and teach me new ways to experience Hyporessives.

Client start date 09/20/15  final photo taken 10/29/15

[twocol_one]Hypopressive - Low Pressure Fitness client [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Hypopressive - Low Pressure Fitness client[/twocol_one_last]

Thanks to Trista !


Hi Trista,

In the insanity since my sister's new album has taken off better than expected, and I've been asked to suddenly put on my professional singing hat after MANY years off, I had to thank the one person who,
completely by surprise, has helped me gain a level of skill and vocal strength I've never had before: you.

You, and the very basic hypopressive introduction you gave me, have been my new secret weapon in finding the diaphragmatic control and breathing power that saved me when I suddenly had to go from stay-at-home mom/actor/journalist to professional back-up singer.

I've got a LONG way to go yet in my training, both vocally and in hypopressive, but I'm still stunned by the drastic improvement in my vocal performance just after the minimal training I've done with you.

All to say, I hope to do more training with you in the new year, am still practicing the basics as part of my vocal warm-up, and I wanted to thank you for this completely unexpected benefit of hypopressive

You rock.



My personal story

In my spare time I worked as a fitness instructor so after the birth of my son, I was very eager to get back into the gym and get moving! I was feeling fantastic but at 6 weeks post partum I discovered I had a grade 2 cystocele (bladder prolapse) as a result of a very weak pelvic floor. I was so focused on pregnancy and then on taking care of a newborn that I had not even thought of my own need to recover. It is a hard diagnosis to be given as you are basically told all physical activities need to be stopped, possible forever. After a few tears, I sought out methods of improvement and pelvic floor friendly workouts. Luckily I stumbled on Trista's website and was introduced to the wonderful world of Hypopressives. Trista is a wonderful instructor, full of knowledge, support and enthusiasm. I am now 6.5 months post partum and have been doing Hypopressives daily for the past 3. The results speak for themselves, I have been able to strengthen my pelvic floor while toning and shaping my core. Because of the Hypopressive conditioning, I can now do more activities (Yahoo!) and feel confident that I have the pelvic strength to do them (as discussed with my pelvic floor physio who works direct with Trista). Another bonus is I almost have my pre-pregancy body back, which is no small feat given I have only been able to walk and do Hypopressives up to this point. Anyone suffering from or looking to prevent pelvic floor issues needs to learn this technique!!

Started 09/28/15   centre image 11/24/15  image on the right 01/29/16

[threecol_one]Hypopressive client picture[/threecol_one] [threecol_one]client prolapse recovery story [/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last]Started 09/28/15 middle photo 11/24/15 current photo 01/29/16[/threecol_one_last]

Thanks Trista !


I came to learn about hypopressives after the birth of my third daughter. Always a very active person prior to kids, I felt frustrated by the limitations placed on my physical recovery by the development of an anterior prolapse. Not only was I looking for something to improve my pelvic floor health, but I was desperate to find a focus that could rebuild my core again. Hypopressives changed everything for me. The shape of my body quickly returned to what I used to look like, my pelvic floor symptoms essentially vanished, but most of all I felt a renewed sense of energy. My posture improved dramatically as well. I continue to use hypopressives as my “core” training to supplement other more cardio-based activities. For me, hypopressives have been just as effective (and much more enjoyable) than any other exercise I have tried in the past to target the core. I don’t miss planks or sit ups in the least! I feel taller, more centered and more energized after a session. I have Trista to thank for helping me to perfect my technique, to focus my practice and to keep me motivated. It was a life changer for me![twocol_one] IMG_3874[/twocol_one]  [twocol_one_last]IMG_3875[/twocol_one_last]Thanks Trista!


I love doing hypo's for myself and my clients but do have to admit I have more of a personal relationship with them the most. Because I am hypertonic in my pelvic floor, traditional "kegels" are not for me and before I had a hysterectomy last December, hypopressives were the only exercise that would not only recruit my pelvic floor, but my transverse abdominis too - this was confirmed by ultrasound.

There is no question that they are hard to do and it (really) requires a lot of energy, but knowing that they actually DO what they claim, it helps a lot and was my first go-to post surgery to help me recover and improve the resting tone of my pelvic floor.

Sam Montpetit-Huynh

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