Professional Testimonials

Fitness and Health Professional Share Their Personal and Professional Hypopressive journeys

Trista Zinn

Meet your host of the Hypopressives uncut video series. Trista Zinn, Founder of Hypopressives Canada, shares a glimpse of her personal journey from the discovery to recovery of Pelvic organ prolapse and how Hypopressive training changed her life.

Dr. Meg Henderson

Join me on my back patio where I had the pleasure of catching up with Dr. Meg Henderson who shares some of her personal journey with Hypopressives and how she now incorporates it into her professional practice.

Blanca Cubillos-Roman

Today I am introducing you to Blanca Cubillos-Roman from Puerto Rico. Blanca recently completed the online level 2 Hypopressives Canada course and shares her personal journey with Hypopressives and how she now incorporates it into her professional practice.

Teisa Earhart

Teisa’s spiritual and health journey has led her to seek peace and healing through different modalities. After learning and practicing the Hypopressive technique guided by a Master trainer she experienced profound improvement to her own core and organ functions and was led to help others experience this life changing exercise.

Denise Hollway

It was great to catch up with Denise, a pelvic PT, and hear her personal and professional perspective on Hypopressive technique.

Julia Cowan

Julia Cowan shares her personal journey with the Hypopressive technique and how she has begun introducing it into her professional practice.

Hannah Gray

Personal trainer, Canadian National Masters Weightlifting Championship Silver Medallist 2019 and World Masters’ Weightlifting Championships Bronze Medallist 2019, Hannah practices her Hypopressives almost every day. Not only for her pelvic floor health but for her low back health. The poses help her unload the body of all the stresses she places upon it.

Krista Dennet

I recently had the pleasure of meeting @pelvicfloorfitness / Krista Dennet during last months Level 1 Hypopressive course. Krista asked if she could interview me to capture the emotional impact pelvic organ prolapse can exact and how Hypopressive training was my answer to optimizing core function and restoring my pelvic floor. SoI got to thinking - I wonder how Krista has been able to incorporate Hypopressives into her personal and professional practice after just obtaining her level 1 qualifications a month ago.

Pete Cairns

At age 19 Pete was diagnosed with prostatitis. He began his pelvic health journey exploring non traditional approaches, which did offer him some success. However the Hypopressive training system was the unique tool that allowed him to fully move in the direction towards optimal pelvic health.